Announcement for Online Training – 07-16-2015

We have exciting news about a new source of safety training available for your employees from the Tennessee Job Training & Safety Program. TN JT&S would like to announce that the program will be offering selected online safety training courses starting in August, 2015. These courses can be used to fulfill annual OSHA requirements and are provided in partnership with TCAT Murfreesboro and the Tennessee Board of Regents. The new courses are an effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of the training and services that JT&S provides to our member utilities. Please know that this training is intended as a beneficial alternative that can be used, but we will continue to offer these course topics and others as monthly face-to-face safety meetings if preferred.

In order to pre-register and set up easy access for your employees, we are asking each utility to provide the following information for each employee that you would like to utilize the online training: Name, Date of Birth, and an Email Address. The email address is optional for individual user names and passwords to be sent to each employee. If your utility prefers, individual email addresses can be left out but user logins and passwords will then be sent to a designated contact person and then distributed through company communication.

Also, please be aware that in order to fulfill OSHA requirements for training in one or more of the topics available through this program, this training must be completed by the employee during a regular shift period. The flexibility of the course through the online access will allow the employee to access, initiate, and complete the training in increments over several days or in a single session.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this online safety training option, please contact Mike Simmons, Teresa Colbert, or your area JT&S Instructor. Thank you for your continued support and partnership with the Tennessee Job Training & Safety Program.


Tennessee Job Training & Safety Program