Basic SCL

The TJT&S Basic Safety Certified Lineman will contain 100 hours of training in the following specified course titles:
Course TitleHours
Basic Transformer School16 hrs.
Hotline School16 hrs.
Regulator Recloser School16 hrs.
Underground Rural Distribution School16 hrs.
Substation School16 hrs.
CPR/AED and Basic First Aid for Adults (current cert.)4 hrs
Poletop & Bucket Truck Rescue Class (current yr.)2 hrs
Haz-Comm/GHS Training (current yr.)1 hr.
Bloodborne Pathogen Training (current yr.)1 hr.
Emergency Action Plan (current yr.)1 hr.
Rubber Gloves/Sleeves Care & Use (prev. 5 yrs.)1 hr.
Personal & Vehicle Grounding (prev. 5 yrs.)1 hr.
Job Briefings (prev. 5 yrs.)1 hr.
Emergency Communications (prev. 5 yrs.)1 hr.
Electives (aggregate of 6 hrs.)6 hrs.