2019-2020 Calendars

2020-2021 Calendars

In anticipation of some form of continuing restrictions during the month of May, we will be offering an alternate programming schedule for May and June.  We will be offering Poletop/Bucket Rescue or the Confined Space Refresher training as an option for either May or June.  We can forego the classroom portion of this training and conduct the full class in the field where it will be easier to maintain social distancing and follow personal hygiene protocols.  For those who wish to continue to remain cautious during the month of May, the topic of Accident Causes & Controls that was scheduled for June will be available for delivery in May.  Accident Causes & Controls will be available either for in-person delivery by your JT&S instructor or as a video presentation that can be accessed through our website. We will offer the planned programming for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 as published, with the understanding that under the current conditions all plans are subject to change.