supervisory-skills-illustration The Supervisory Skills workshop is directed to front line supervisors such as crew foremen, shift supervisors, crew leads, etc. It is also good for newly appointed foremen or those who have not yet had any supervisory skills training.

This course will offer classroom instruction supported by group discussion, constructive role playing, and multi-media presentations that will help the attendees to understand the roll of the front line supervisor in safe and efficient completion of assigned tasks, the varying roles of upper level supervisors, front line supervisors, and crew members. It will help in developing skills to deal with the transition from crew member to supervisor or foreman.

 Mr. Bryan Singletary, an accomplished speaker and writer who has spent the last 35 years in the electric utility industry,  will be the principal instructor for this workshop.  He is a nationally sought after lecturer and trainer and his practical approach is refreshing and appealing to both long time industry experts and newcomers to the field.  Mr. Singletary will also have support and supplemental information from our own JT&S instructors.

December 3-7, 2018 will cover Modules 1 and 2.  Click on the buttons below to learn more about each module.