The SCL Program will apply to all journeyman linemen who meet the criteria as set forth in the requisites of the program. The SCLP will have an initial level designated as “Basic”, and will include successive levels designated “Advanced” and “Master”. The criteria for qualifying for this certificate will be successful completion of all listed courses and certifications included in the indicated level. The listed courses will derive from the schools, workshops, and classes provided by the JT&S Program or equivalents as designated and approved by the TJT&S Advisory Committee.

Click on a sticker below to see a list of courses and certifications required for each level.

In 2018, JT&S rolled out our Safety Certified Lineman Program, which is meant to recognize our journeyman lineman that have shown a continuous commitment to safety through consistent participation in the most important areas of lineman safety.  We had over 40 initial Safety Certified Lineman recipients recognized in 2018 and we would like to recognize their accomplishment:

Brian Allen, Kevin Seaton, Michael Stone, and Obie Tharpe with Benton County Electric System

Lynn Cantrell, Derrick Colwell, Ryan Lorance, Toby McBride, Jeffery Moffitt, Alex Saylor, Kyle Thompson, Alan Watson, Scott Johnson, Tyler Oaks, Randy Rodgers, and David Vaughn with Caney Fork Electric Cooperative

Mike Cocke, Buddy Dotson, Blake Furr, Keith Pate, and William Speer with Dickson Electric System

Jesse Crook with Gallatin Department of Electricity

Payton Featherston with Gibson Electric Membership Corporation

Bobby Williams with Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative

Charlie Greenfield with Pulaski Electric System

James Phillips with Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative

Bryan Hickerson with Sparta Electric

Jamie Dean with Springfield Electric

Marty Blankenship, Randy Carnahan, Jamie Perrigo, Tony Tade, and Mark Geralds with Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation

Eric Burton, Derek Harris, Steven Mantooth, David Myers, Kyle Riddle, and Andy Warren with Tullahoma Utilities Authority

Randy Cossey, Stan Harris, Charlie Lay, Tracy Martin, and Ronnie Mathis with Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative

Thank you to all of our 2018 Safety Certified Lineman recipients for your continued dedication to putting safety first! In the coming months, we will be verifying our training records to begin determining our 2019 recipients. If you feel that you are close to completing all of the requirements, feel free to reach out to us and we can review your records for you.

In the meantime, take a look at our gallery below of some our 2018 SCL certificate recipients!