Safety Certified Lineman

The SCL Program will apply to all journeyman linemen who meet the criteria as set forth in the requisites of the program. The SCLP will have an initial level designated as “Basic”, and will include successive levels designated “Advanced” and “Master”. The criteria for qualifying for this certificate will be successful completion of all listed courses and certifications included in the indicated level. The listed courses will derive from the schools, workshops, and classes provided by the JT&S Program or equivalents as designated and approved by the TJT&S Advisory Committee.

Click on a sticker below to see a list of courses and certifications required for each level.

In 2018, 44 linemen were awarded the Basic Safety Certified Lineman certificate. In 2019, 30 of those linemen maintain their Safety Certified Lineman status for a second year. We also awarded the Basic SCL to 58 more lineman. Take a look at our list of 2019 SCL linemen!